Print Care Instructions

These care instructions provide you with basic guidelines which will help you care for your investment. Your purchase is an investment that we want you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. 
Please read and follow our guidelines carefully:


DO NOT place photos face-down on any object or uneven surface to avoid damaging your printed image. This also applies to placing objects on top of the artwork while it is in storage. Please keep handling to a minimum and hold your print only from it’s sides. Fine art rag papers scratch easily, so be very careful to avoid scraping anything across the surface of the print as this will mar the surface.

Lighting Conditions

It is recommended that you DO NOT display your prints in direct sunlight and avoid high intensity lighting. Light and high temperature can cause colour fading.  Use glass-filtered frames such as acrylic glazing or glass specifically designed to help keep UV light from affecting your print. This also seals the print from harmful airborne pollutants such as dust and ozone.


We recommend that you keep your prints in a relatively controlled environment. Repeated exposure to extreme and to sudden changes in humidity or temperature will have an adverse effect on the longevity of your artwork surface and substrate materials. We recommend displaying your prints in a low-traffic area to reduce the risk of physical damage by passers-by. Hang your prints at an elevation that keeps it out of the reach of young children.


Photos stored in the dark will last longer than photos that are exposed to light. Use archival quality albums or storage materials to prevent damage to your prints. Avoid high temperatures and high humidity to promote the image permanence of your photos.