Whether it’s a portrait session with your loved ones, your adorable pet, or just something special for you,
photos from these sessions should be natural, authentic and reflect who you are.

Great family photos are like kids themselves:

They're not boring, they're not cheap, and they're totally worth it.

Gift certificates are available for any portrait sessions or in denominations. Please contact me for more details!


Newborn Sessions from $250

Price includes 4 hour in-home session with an online gallery of 15 high resolution digital images.  More info...


Family Sessions from $150

Price includes a 1.5 hour on-location session with an online gallery of 15 high resolution digital images.

An optional pre-session consultation is included in the session prices above.

Have questions? Interested in a session?  
Lets chat!

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Fifty percent of the session fee is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

I prefer to keep my pricing simple...

Clients choose the art products they love, and can pre-order or order when their gallery is ready for viewing.

I offer an exquisite selection of hand-crafted products including luster prints, heirloom albums, gallery-quality canvases, 
textured mini-books, luster birth announcements, and greeting cards that are glossy on both sides.

I feel your photos are most beautiful when you can hold them in your hands, see them on your wall, and flip though them in a beautiful album.  Technology changes every day, but paper and ink are here to stay.


Product Pricing

Greeting Cards (double sided glossy) | starting at $4
Luster or Fine art prints | starting at $13 (see pricing)
Quality print packages | starting at $125
Heirloom quality gallery canvas | starting at $80 (see pricing)


Why order prints from me?

Printing from a consumer lab

Say you get your digital images, and you get them printed at your local drugstore or maybe a cheap online printer.  You might not notice the color shift or lack of sharpness. It's your child, and you may think it's the best picture ever.  Yet when your friends see that picture, they’re going to tell you, “Oh, that’s such a great picture!  Little Sally is so cute!”  You know what they’re saying inside?  “Eww, why is it green? Who took that picture?  I hope she didn't pay for that.”  And do you know who ends up looking bad?  The photographer.  Not to mention, your prints just lost that photographer potential business.

Printing from a photographer

My screen is calibrated for accurate colours when editing your photos.  The printers I use are profiled accurately so that your prints look exactly the way they should with no colour shifts, loss of sharpness, or photo degradation.   Also, the prints that I provide are meant to last; they are meant to be art, hung on your walls for years and years to come.  


For more information, please visit my contact page or call me to get in touch!