Which Photo?

Supermoon Photo 1

This week started off well with a beautiful view of the largest Supermoon since 1948. Unfortunately, it sounds like our fall is going to end with the coming of a winter wonderland this weekend.

While this weather will be welcome by some and cursed by other, we can be distracted with photos taken during warmer weather!

Supermoon Photo 2


I posted a couple photos this week and they seemed to be liked by many. While they looked good, it is hard for me to decide on what way to edit these photos so that they can get the most enjoyment from the viewer.

Supermoon Photo 3

So here is your chance to give me some insight on what you like best. Like and share my Facebook post, and then leave a comment of your photo choice on my Facebook page post for a chance to win the 10 x 20" print you chose.

Winner will be decided November 18 at 6pm.

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