Good start to Summer

The past few weeks has had some great opportunities for photography.  Look at the storm of June 19th.  There was so much lightning, it was nearly impossible to miss the storm.  Witnessing a storm like this can be exciting, especially for photographers, but it is important to remember that lightning storms can be extremely dangerous.  If you are looking to capture your own photos of lightning, take precautions to ensure your safety.

The weather on Canada Day could not be better.  It was warm and sunny, and best of all, no rain.  I had a great vantage point to capture the fireworks on camera.  I hear there will be more fireworks in Thunder Bay in early August, so stay tuned for more photos

This past week, I was at the marina taking photos of wildlife when the ducks and ducklings decided to come investigate me.  It was a great experience and just had to put down my camera to truly enjoy it.  If you enjoy wildlife, I suggest heading to Marina Park to check out the young before they move on.