The little wildlife have arrived

From newborns to new animal discoveries, this week has been a great week for seeing wildlife.  In this photo there two of the four beavers we found at Mission Island Marsh.  These guys aren't really afraid of our presence but will let you know with that distinct tail slap when they aren't happy with what you're up to!  They wander around a lot, so if you go to the marsh to see them, be patient, they will eventually show up. Behind the two beavers is a goose on her nest.  We have seen one gosling from this nest so far.  Speaking of goslings though, there is another goose family with a few goslings. as seen in this photo.

Also at the marsh on the north side of the water is an eagle's nest.  Although I don't have a large enough zoom lens, there is a photo below of what I could get.

If you get a chance, take a wander down the marsh to check out the wildlife.  Be careful of the deer when you go though as they are quite unpredictable.