A Rare Sight

This past week, my wife and I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Besides the fact that it was a balmy 36°C by Friday, the trip was enjoyable... for us anyway.  Tavish, our Scottish Terrier, couldn't disagree more.  She went for her knee surgery, which was a success, but her pain is anything but.  The photo on the left is Tavish in the exam room right before her pre-op exam.  She was definitely anxious to be there, knowing that this wasn't the first knee surgery she has had. On our way down to Minneapolis though, we saw a rare sight just past Lutsen.  An Eagle and a vulture at the side of the road.  By the time we turned around, they had flown into a birch tree as seen in the photo on the right.  That Eagle sure looks proud perched on that Birch tree.  Not exactly sure what those two vultures are thinking though.

The photo below was from today at Mission Marsh.  We saw many groundhogs on the island today but this one is the only one that didn't mind our presence.