Wildlife on the Mission

Finally, as we were heading out, we came across a groundhog gathering debris for her nest, a mallard duck couple, and some hooded mergansers.  This was my first time ever seeing mergansers in real life.  I will have to go back to get a closer shot.

If you are looking for a place to go for a short walk, and see a variety of wildlife, go check out Mission Island in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

This past Monday, my wife and I went for a walk down at the Mission Island Marsh Conservation Area with a goal of finding some goose nests.  While we did not find any nests (I think it is too early), we did come across evidence of recent beaver activity.  We began our hunt, getting my feet wet in the process, but we managed to find the beaver and its dam.  Much to our surprise, the beaver dam is not far from the road. We also found Canada Geese, which is not surprising for the area and for Thunder Bay, but the one pictured here was not impressed with our presence and was signalling frantically toward its partner on the ice.