Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  Being the big kid I am, I could not resist getting myself some chocolate eggs.  I also got very excited when I spotted Canada geese for the first time this year because it is another sign that spring is nearly here.  If you would like to see them for yourself, head down to the East End bridge to the island and you will find many of them on the ice and near the railway tracks.  I'm holding out hope that I will see some robins and maybe some fox cubs soon!  If you know of areas that frequented by foxes, let me know.  I'd love to get a photo of a fox cub this year!  

I also did some portraits for a fellow Shuniah volunteer firefighter, Mark, this weekend.  We had a great time except that his dog, Bernie Bear, never wanted to look at the camera, as you can see in this photo.  I'm not sure what he was looking at every time, but it sure wasn't me or the camera.  I also had to use all my lighting to ensure he was well lit.

If you would like to get some photos of you and your family, let me know and we can meet over coffee.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.