My First Post

So I'll just jump right in with my first post. Welcome to my site and hopefully you will enjoy what you see and trust in me to meet your photography needs.

I rediscovered photography last year when I bought a drone and started flying it.  After a few months of flying, a friend offered to let me borrow their old camera and before long, I was loving it.  I started learning everything I could about photography and started taking landscape and wildlife photos in and around Thunder Bay and Shuniah.  I only started into photographing people when I was asked to do a family shoot.  I was happy to take it because it meant I had a reason to get more gear!

Now, nearly a year later and I am here starting my first blog post on my website.

Last week, I took my first self portrait.  I was inspired by a photo that Joe McNally shot of another firefighter in St. Lucia that was had dramatic lighting and was in black and white.  There was quite the challenge of trying to set the lighting, focus, and composition just right.  There was lots of running back and forth to my camera and lights to get it just the way I imagined it.

The final photo was the payoff though.  I think it portrays the dramatic nature of firefighting , but not too serious as well.  There is just enough background lighting to see the fire apparatus.

Let me know your thoughts on this style of lighting.  If you know someone that might like a photo like this, send them my way.

Enjoy the Easter weekend.

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