Good start to Summer

The past few weeks has had some great opportunities for photography.  Look at the storm of June 19th.  There was so much lightning, it was nearly impossible to miss the storm.  Witnessing a storm like this can be exciting, especially for photographers, but it is important to remember that lightning storms can be extremely dangerous.  If you are looking to capture your own photos of lightning, take precautions to ensure your safety.

The little wildlife have arrived

The little wildlife have arrived

From newborns to new animal discoveries, this week has been a great week for seeing wildlife.  In this photo there two of the four beavers we found at Mission Island Marsh.  These guys aren't really afraid of our presence but will let you know with that distinct tail slap when they aren't happy with what you're up to!  They wander around a lot, so if you go to the marsh to see them, be patient, they will eventually show up. Behind the two beavers is a goose on her nest.  We have seen one gosling from this nest so far.  Speaking of goslings though, there is another goose family with a few goslings. as seen in this photo.

Family Photo Session Winner

Congratulations Ashley Swoluk, winner of the "Family Photo Session" contest!  I look forward to the photo session with Ashley and Dan with their two kids.  Great timing after recently having a little addition to their family. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for future contests and promotions!

My First Post

So I'll just jump right in with my first post. Welcome to my site and hopefully you will enjoy what you see and trust in me to meet your photography needs.

I rediscovered photography last year when I bought a drone and started flying it.  After a few months of flying, a friend offered to let me borrow their old camera and before long, I was loving it.  I started learning everything I could about photography and started taking landscape and wildlife photos in and around Thunder Bay and Shuniah.  I only started into photographing people when I was asked to do a family shoot.  I was happy to take it because it meant I had a reason to get more gear!

Now, nearly a year later and I am here starting my first blog post on my website.

Last week, I took my first self portrait.  I was inspired by a photo that Joe McNally shot of another firefighter in St. Lucia that was had dramatic lighting and was in black and white.  There was quite the challenge of trying to set the lighting, focus, and composition just right.  There was lots of running back and forth to my camera and lights to get it just the way I imagined it.

The final photo was the payoff though.  I think it portrays the dramatic nature of firefighting , but not too serious as well.  There is just enough background lighting to see the fire apparatus.

Let me know your thoughts on this style of lighting.  If you know someone that might like a photo like this, send them my way.

Enjoy the Easter weekend.

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